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Silicon nanostructures Semiconductor thin films Rare-earth-doped materials Bridgman technique Carrier injection Thin film Terbium Amplification Guide d'onde Atom probe tomography Silicon nanoclusters Down-conversion 7425Nd SiC Rare earths RF magnetron sputtering ATR Quantum-well Multilayers Pulvérisation cathodique Photovoltaic High-k dielectrics FTIR Refractive index Aggregation Rare earth Photoluminescence Cobalt Optical amplifiers Irradiation Couches minces Microstructure physique Si nanocluster Al2O3 Infrared absorption Nanoparticles Silicate Silicium Nanostructured materials Carrier dynmics quantum dots Si-rich silicon oxide Waveguides Semiconductors 1604236 Nanomaterials Microstructure Chalcopyrite Nanoparticules Luminescence Energy transfer 3006280 Spectroscopy 1403945 Microcavities Silica Erbium Atomic scale structure Raman scattering Hafnium silicate Silicon photonics Amorphous silicon nanoparticles Cellules solaires au silicium SiO2 ADE-FDTD Cathodoluminescence Thin films M-lines 3503950 Micro- optics XRD 0602280 Fiber design and fabrication Sputtering Nanostructure Silicon oxynitride Zinc Oxide Rare-earth- doped materials Chromium Absorption Composite materials Silicon Terres rares Wire and -dot devices 7867Pt Magnetron sputtering Absorption coefficient Chromophore Rare-earth ions AFM Silicon nitride Couches minces semi-conductrices 7363Bd Microstructure physics Computational electromagnetic methods Waveguide Al 2 O 3 /SiN x stacks Raman TEM 7847D Terre rare Attenuated total reflection Resistive Switching Reactive magnetron sputtering Neodymium Cerium











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