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[hal-01630743] Spreading out spin density in polyphenalenyl radicals  (09/11/17)  
[hal-01619710] Design of a Binuclear Ni(II) Complex with Large Ising-type Anisotropy and Weak Anti-Ferromagnetic Coupling  (21/10/17)  
[hal-01583939] Magnetic circular dichroism of UCl6− in the ligand-to-metal charge-transfer spectral region  (09/09/17)  
[hal-01555922] PAH chemistry at eV internal energies. 1. H-shifted isomers  (05/07/17)  
[hal-01541850] Coulomb correlations in 4d and 5d oxides from first principles—or how spin–orbit materials choose their effective orbital degeneracies  (21/06/17)  
[hal-01526558] Design and Magnetic Properties of a Mononuclear Co(II) Single Molecule Magnet and Its Antiferromagnetically Coupled Binuclear Derivative  (25/05/17)  
[hal-01525988] Insight from first principles into the stability and magnetism of alkali-metal superoxide nanoclusters  (23/05/17)  
[hal-01519576] Pentagonal bipyramid Fe(II) complexes: Robust Ising-spin Units Towards Heteropolynuclear Nano-Magnets.  (15/05/17)  
[hal-01519570] Magnetic Anisotropy in Pentacoordinate Ni(II) and Co(II) Complexes: Unraveling Electronic and Geometrical Contributions.  (15/05/17)  
[hal-01518345] Structure, luminescence and magnetic properties of an erbium(III) β-diketonate homodinuclear complex  (25/09/17)  
[hal-01515982] Bi-Compartmental Schiff-Base with Peripheral Ester Functionalization: Synthesis and Magnetic Behavior of Bi-metallic Zn-Ln Complexes (Ln = Dy, Tb, Gd)  (29/04/17)  
[hal-01510415] Structural Dependence of the Ising-type Magnetic Anisotropy and of the Relaxation Time in Mononuclear Trigonal Bipyramidal Co(II) Single Molecule Magnets  (21/04/17)  
[hal-01500416] Natural molecular orbitals: limits of a Lowdin's conjecture  (04/04/17)  
[hal-01500362] Determining Key Local Vibrations in the Relaxation of Molecular Spin Qubits and Single-Molecule Magnets  (04/04/17)  
[hal-01493419] Dissociation of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons: molecular dynamics studies  (22/03/17)  


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