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see also Marcoule Institute for separation chemistry (french acronym: ICSM)





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Argon Crystal field theory Oxalate d'actinide Agrégation Conditionnement Competitive sorption Calcination Uranyl 4-methylacetophenone Composition range Alteration layer Binary data Aerated water Hydrofluorination Azeotrope Cerium oxide Conteneur de stockage ACTI Caesium C-14 Calcium phosphate cement / hydration / wollastonite / brushite / amorphous aluminophosphate / mechanical strength Conteneurs béton ANION EXCHANGE Verres nucléaires Concrete gravel Actinide biochemistry Bifunctional extractants Ciments Stochastic geometry Sintering Bitumes Actinide oxalates Activated carbon felts Controlled atmosphere UV-visible Axial dispersion Activity coefficient Confinement Molecular dynamics Constant load Analytical chemistry Calixarene Combustible usé Cinétique isotherme Approche multi-échelle Coupled PIV–PLIF techniques Bioavailability Behaviour Carbone/epoxy CFD–PBE modelling Actinide chemistry Cinétique isobare Kinetics modelling Binary mixture Vitrification CFD-PBE modelling Phase separation CFD Décomposition thermique Bubble images Modelling Actinide Chemical states Concentrated aqueous solutions Comportement à long terme Glass ADSORPTION Colis de verre Speciation Carbamide Leaching Activated carbon felt ACTN BETON Americium Alkali activators Lanthanides Secondary phases Liquid-liquid extraction Corrosion products Ab initio calculations 3D modeling Iron COM 20 Glass alteration Solid-gas reactions Pulsed column Spectroscopy Solvent extraction Aluminosilicate glass melt Composés d'actinide Aging Uranium dioxide Alteration PIV Uranium Breakup kernels Colis de bitume Aggregation Chelating agents