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The Crem (research center on mediations) is an interdisciplinary laboratory of the University of Lorraine. It includes 230 members, teachers-researchers, PhD and PhD students, and a support staff. Its researchers come from the University of Lorraine but also from other French and foreign academic institutions. They cover a wide range of disciplines including information and communication, language, art, literature, anthropology and sociology.

Their works question mediation and creation phenomena in their technical, organisational, political, intercultural, semantic, literary, esthetic and artistic aspects. Their main objectives are to analyze dynamics and relationships between standards and gaps in information and communication processes, and to better understand regulatory processes.

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« Télé-réalité : ce qui attire les ados », entretien avec Nathalie Nadaud-Albertini  (17/09/2019)  

Le site Lecture jeunesse publie  « Télé-réalité : ce qui attire les ados », un article de sa rédactrice en chef, Christelle Gombert, à partir d’un entretien avec Nathalie Nadaud-Albertini.



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« AO3, la bibliothèque rebelle aux 5 millions de fanfictions » Le Monde reprend les propos de Nathalie Nadaud-Albertini  (16/09/2019)  
Quatre entretiens de Nathalie Nadaud-Albertini sur le site d'information Atlantico  (16/09/2019)  
(cyber)harcèlement : une interview de Bérengère Stassin  (12/09/2019)